Bobcats secure first-ever winning season and playoff berth

Bobcats Wallace dunks against Wizards in Washington

“Playoffs? Are you kidding me? Playoffs?” said the immortal Jim Mora, former Saints and Colts head coach.

There’s one team in Charlotte that’s in the Playoffs this year — and this time it’s the Bobcats.

With a 104-103 victory over the Hornets in New Orleans and a Toronto loss to Boston earlier in the evening, the Bobcats locked-up their first ever playoff berth and assured themselves a winning record for the first time in franchise history.

“I’m happy for our fans,” said Bobcats head coach Larry Brown. “I’m happy for our franchise. I’m a coach. I always say celebrate the wins because the losses hurt. That (performance tonight) hurt. With the team we have now, with the changes (General Manager) Rod (Higgins) and (Majority Owner) Michael (Jordan) have made – getting Tyrus (Thomas), getting (Stephen) Jack(son), getting Theo (Ratliff), getting Larry Hughes and getting Stevie Graham, we’ve had a lot of really positive additions and it’s made us a better team because of what they’ve brought in. I’m happy with the accomplishment, but a little angry with what went on in that second half.”