Bobcats vs Magic: Game 1 thoughts

Charlotte Bobcats at Orlando Magic

– People blaming Felton for Nelson going off in the first half … chill. That was Larry Brown’s call to double with Felton and to rotate players to cover Nelson. It didn’t happen. LB made an adjustment at halftime and Nelson was held in check. Felton isn’t blameless, however. There were times during the game where I thought “man, I wonder if they are going to let Felton walk after the season”. Like the guy a lot personally … but he’s a marginal point guard.

– got to admire jackson’s toughness. I thought he was down for the count after Wallace landed on his leg.

– Refs were terrible. I heard the Orange Jacket Guy on WFNZ this morning talking about how these guys are poor refs. This guy actually scouts and follows the referees and said we had a terrible draw. Good news is we probably won’t have them back this series.

– am I the only one that thinks that Tyson Chandler is our best center? Why is Ratliff starting? and why is a broke-down Nazr Mohammed the first one off the bench? And why is Ratliff playing during crunch time? Seriously … this one boggles my mind.

– and Tyrus Thomas’ thumb must be really in bad shape. He didn’t play much at all, and when he did he didn’t play with the same vigor he usually does when healthy. They miss his energy on the boards and on defense.

– Howard is a beast. He also fouled out about 3 times the other night. This goes back to the refs … he wasn’t going to foul out, was he?