Bobcats vs. Magic – Pre-Game 2 thoughts, Live Chat

Charlotte Bobcats at Orlando Magic

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– Hoping Chandler gets more playing time tonight, and hopefully Thomas’ thumb will allow him to play. Need their toughness and rebounding inside.

– Interested to see how they treat Howard defensively. Do they double? If so, with whom? Game 1 they realized that what they were doing in the first half didn’t work, but then Howard got in foul trouble and they didn’t have to worry about it.

– Does Vince Carter get back on track tonight?

– With a different officiating crew, it’ll be interesting to see if fouls are called on Howard when they should be. The Magic center legitimately should have fouled out three times during Game 1, and a few of his 9 blocks were obvious goaltending calls that weren’t made.

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