Panther fan? Not excited about the draft? Join the club

Carolina Panthers Minicamp

I’m not excited about the draft.

It’s not because the Panthers don’t have a first round pick. I firmly believe had Everette Brown stayed an extra year at Fla. State and the Panthers had the 17th pick this year, they’d pick him. My issue is with the wasted picks they make in rounds 2-4 every year.

Sherrod Martin and Corvey Irvin.

Dan Connor and Charles Godfrey.

Charles Johnson and Dwayne Jarret.

James Anderson and Rashard Butler.

Eric Shelton, Evan Mathis and Atiyyah Ellison.

Keary Colbert.

Bruce Nelson, Mike Seidman and Ricky Manning.

Sure there has been a hit here an there … Ryan Kalil, Richard Marshall and Travelle Wharton are three that have been decent picks in the last 8 years.

But there is nothing to be excited about. The Panthers’ bread and butter have been their first rounders. They’ve hit more than they’ve missed. Conversely, they’ve missed more than they’ve hit in the second and third rounds in the Fox and Hurney era, and since the team has no first round pick, it’ll stand to reason that these picks this weekend will be marginal and not instant contributors.

So what is there to be excited about?

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