Jordan questions Bobcats’ engery, intensity

Charlotte Bobcats at Orlando Magic

AP writer Mike Cranston ( @mikecranston1 ) tweeted some interesting notes regarding Bobcats owner Michael Jordan’s comments to Larry Brown regarding the Bobcats’ lack of engergy and intensity the last two games against the Magic.

Per Cranston’s twitter page –

Larry Brown says MJ called him last night during CLE-CHI game, wants more intensity out of #Bobcats in Game 3

LB on MJ: “He said, ‘Are you watching this? Do you see how hard they’re playing?’ And it was obvious to me he was right”

LB: “We’re not a 3-point shooting team. We drive the ball. Even know Dwight Howard is there, or Shaq is there, we drive the ball”

More LB: “Tyson playing 12-14 minutes and Theo and Nazr getting in foul trouble in warmups, that’s not helping”

It’s the same thing Bobcats fans have been talking out — the lack of energy, passion and focus that has caused the team to fall into a hole early that they can’t claw out of.

Unfortunately, it’s not the first time a member of the Bobcats has been vocal about the lack of focus and energy. Captain Gerald Wallace has called out his teammates on a few occasions this season.

We applaud Jordan for speaking up. It’s one thing for Wallace to say it … it’s quite another when it comes from Michael Jordan.

We’ll link to the full article whenever he posts it.