A story come true!

Once upon a time, a Southern kingdom once was sought as one of the finest in the land. They were the best at what they did and many people from across the country would come to see what would happen next. One day, the King of this kingdom decided that this kingdom wasn’t great enough for him and he took everything and moved to another Kingdom in the west where the King felt would be more prosperous for him including a much grander castle.

The citizens who stayed in the Southern kingdom were shocked that the King would leave them and had no idea what they would do. Then, another King strolled into this Southern Kingdom and called it his home. Things were rough at first as he had different ways on how to build a kingdom, but no matter what happened, the popularity of the previous regime was still much larger. He brought forth people who he felt would run the Southern kingdom properly, but there just weren’t as many people as before and they were having problems running the Southern kingdom properly.

In an effort to getting the Kingdom more popular, they brought aboard the most famous Knight in all of the land and told him that he would have certain powers of running the Kingdom as he choose. With everything ending up running the same, they decided to bring in one of the most famous advisers in the land as he would know how to get this Kingdom back to being one of the best. He made a lot of adjustments to the guards and found people that would fit better in rebuilding this once famous Kingdom. The Southern kingdom started to rise and they were starting to get recognition as being one of the better kingdoms around.

They were poised to break out, but there was something they had to do: They must go into the old King’s new Kingdom and reestablish what was once theirs. The old King’s new Kingdom wasn’t exactly running the best it could, but this scrappy rebuilt Kingdom went to reclaim their dignity. It was a tough battle, but in the end the new Southern kingdom defeated the old Southern kingdom and the new Southern kingdom got their swagger back. The new Southern kingdom went on to face a powerhouse kingdom further south than they were; they were annihilated, but hope remained that they could pick up the pieces and head onto better things.

Sounds like a story right? While it does sound like a narrative, this actually happened. To whom you ask? The Charlotte Bobcats. What will happen next in this epic story? That remains to be seen.