Jackson falls apart in playoffs. Brown leaving town? Ahh, the offseason

Charlotte Bobcats guard Stephen Jackson reacts while fighting for a loose ball against the Orlando Magic in the first half of their NBA playoff basketball game in Charlotte

Stephen Jackson had a pretty poor playoff series. 17 turnovers in four games. Technical fouls. Clanging shots from three point range consistently.

Sure, Jackson is a star, and when he’s on – he’s on. But when he’s off, he’s off, and the team suffers greatly. Is Jackson a bigger detriment to the team than an asset?

Brown leaving town?

Word is still running around the web that Bobcats coach Larry Brown is set to leave the organization and head back to Philly in some capacity. Although Brown has stated he won’t coach anywhere else, he hasn’t said he wouldn’t leave the Bobcats to become GM or President of the 76ers. He’s got a valid concern; his family lives in Philly. I wouldn’t blame Brown for leaving, honestly.

Felton’s last game?

We could have seen Raymond Felton’s last game as a Bobcat last night. This series exposed him badly. Poor defense on Nelson. Poor passing. Poor shooting.

why should the Bobcat re-sign him?

The Diaw dilemma

It was obvious that Boris Diaw wasn’t interested in playing in the playoffs. How do you motivate this guy? Will the Bobcats move him somewhere in the offseason? CAN the Bobcats move him in the offseason?

Center of attention

Another obvious fact was that the Bobcats have no low post presence. Save for a stretch where Nazr Mohammed played like a starting caliber center, the Bobcats were devoid of any low post scoring and rebounding. How can the Bobcats correct this going into next season?