Did Smitty call Jimmy a punk?

According to PFT, Steve Smith allegedly called Jimmy Clausen a punk.

That’s strong words towards someone who hand-delivered a case of Cactus Cooler all the way from SoCal, Steve.

Smith denies ever calling Clausen a punk. He says it’s “all BS”.

The PFT article that stirred the pot also claimed that Clausen “already has pissed off multiple receivers and at least one tight end by “barking” at them during minicamp practice.”

Smith plans to talk to the Mac Attack tomorrow morning on WFNZ (which is streamed online).

Panthers beat writer @CharlesChandler tweeted “Talked to Steve Smith at length about Jimmy Clausen last week at #Panthers minicamp. Not even a hint of any discord, nor was any evident.”

We think this is another case of PFT running with their “sources” and hoping that the crap they throw on the wall sticks.