thoughts on the final 53 – WR

The panthers cut Charlotte native Kenny Moore on Saturday and kept former second round pick Dwayne Jarrett insted, despite Jarrett’s disappointing on-field display over the last few seasons.

Jarrett had been criticized for running wrong routes, lacking speed and the proper mind set to be successful in the NFL.

Moore had a decent preseason, filling in for the injured Steve Smith, but didn’t look spectacular when it counted.

Jarrett is only a receiver, having no value above or beyond that. Moore is also a kick and punt returner, and could aid in an area that is far from being solidified for the panthers.

The only thing Jarrett has over Moore is his height and his hands, but what does that matter if he gives half the effort and runs the wrong route.

Trent Guy is also a promising prospect and looked good returning kicks, but struggled to stay healthy through camp. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him signed to the practice squad and then signed to the active roster later in the season.

Charley Martin is the new Karl Hankton, but with the added bonus of being able to catch. He’ll be active on game days and may be on the field more than you realize.

David Gettis showed promise as both a receiver and a kick returner. His size and speed combination intrigues the staff.

Armanti Edwards is the enigma. Still learning the receiver position, he’s also learning how to be a punt returner at the same time. The Panthers have plans for him as a wildcat QB, as we saw that for the first time against the Steelers the other night.

Brandon LaFell might be the best blocker aside from Steve Smith, and is the favorite to start the majority of the season.

The team usually only dresses four WR during gameday, so who will be inactive?

Smith is a given. Martin is a given, with his special teams duties. Edwards, if he is your punt returner, is active. Gettis, if he is your kick returner, is active. That’s four, and we haven’t gotten to LaFell or Jarrett. One of them will be inactive each week. Don’t be surprised if Jarrett is the starter during the first couple of weeks and LaFell takes his spot later in the season.