Signs pointing to Chudzinski as Offensive Coordinator?

Rumors are circulating that the Panthers are interested in Chargers Tight Ends / Assistant Head Coach Rob Chudzinski as their next offensive coordinator. “Chud”, a former tight end for the Miami Hurricanes during two championship runs during ’87 and ’89, has primarily been a tight ends coach through his coaching career. He’s mentored and coached several good ones, including Bubba Franks, Jeremy Shockey and Kellen Winslow, Jr. while with “the U” and Antonio Gates with the Chargers.

Robert A. Chudzinski (born May 12, 1968 in Toledo, Ohio) is currently assistant head coach for the San Diego Chargers. He was the offensive coordinator of the Cleveland Browns, having been named to that position on January 20, 2007. Chudzinski was replaced by Brian Daboll following the firing of head coach Romeo Crennel and the hiring of new head coach Eric Mangini.

Previously, Chudzinski coached with the San Diego Chargers (tight ends coach, 2005-2006), the Cleveland Browns (tight ends coach and interim offensive coordinator 2004), and the University of Miami Hurricanes (tight ends coach 1996-2000, offensive coordinator and tight ends coach 2001-2003). During his tenure at the University of Miami, he coached three all-American tight ends: Bubba Franks, Jeremy Shockey, and Kellen Winslow II.

Chudzinski played college football for the University of Miami from 1986-1990, during which the Hurricanes won the national championship in 1987 and 1989.

So why make a big deal about him now?

It’s something that Ron Rivera said during his interview. When asked about what he thought about the personnel on the offensive side of the ball, Rivera said that they needed to look at the Tight End position and have a go-to guy there; an everyday starter and not a committee.

And then when asked about who would serve on his staff, Rivera made the comment that he still would have to make interviews, but that he had some idea of who he’d want, and that he had to file the paperwork and ask permission to make that happen.

Putting two and two together, a logical candidate would be Rivera’s San Diego colleague, Rob Chudzinski.

Now that Rivera has been hired, I expect things to move pretty quickly.