Examining Cam Newton’s Character

As electrifying as he’s been on the field, he’s been as polarizing off the field.

Newton was arrested while attending Florida for allegedly purchasing a stolen lap top. Charges were eventually dropped after Newton apologized to the owner, attended counselling and did 50 hours of community service.

In 2009 Newton transferred from Florida after allegations of academic fraud. Allegedly, there were some transgressions during his freshman year that are still sketchy. Additionally, Newton turned in two papers that he didn’t write during his sophomore year, and he was facing possible expulsion.
While this seems egregious, to be fair, it’s really not that uncommon for collegiate athletes to have papers written for them. However, during his two-year stay in Gainesville, Newton amassed 12 traffic tickets for minor moving or non-moving violation.

Perhaps the most damaging situation was the most recent. Allegedly, Cecil Newton, Sr. demanded money from Mississippi State for Cam to sign there after his transfer from Florida. The NCAA reported that they had no evidence of any wrongdoing or impropriety by Cam Newton and his attending Auburn.

However, if you examine the records of many draft-eligible players from the major collegiate conferences, you’ll find many of the same kinds of things.

Is this a case of a kid with a sense of entitlement, being immature? Has Cam Newton matured?

“I was looked at as a person who screwed his whole career up,” said Heisman Trophy Winner Cam Newton. “I was looked at as a person that was lucky to have a second chance. You can just look at me now, and where I’ve came from.”

“it’s his demeanor. It’s who he is,” said Auburn head coach Gene Chizik. “He can come in an light up a room with a smile, because that’s him. He’s just a happy guy. He lives every day that way. It’s not fake — it’s all real. I think everybody that’s around him day in and day out, they all know that.”