Wallace: I was shocked

HoopsWorld.com has a lengthy story regarding Gerald Wallace and his trade from Charlotte to Portland.

“I was shocked,” Wallace told HOOPSWORLD. “I was kind of disappointed because I didn’t see it coming. It was just one of those things that you’re not expecting and it catches you off guard.”

You can read the entire article here.

It’s particularly disturbing how the Bobcats went about this trade, however. We could debate whether it was a good move or bad move to trade the heart and soul of the Bobcats, however as details emerge, it seems more and more like the Bobcats are continuing to make a bad name for themselves around player circles.

The Wallace trade wasn’t the only time the Bobcats have treated players poorly. During the 2008 NBA Draft, the Bobcats went so far as to call Brook Lopez and tell him that they were picking him — only to have Larry Brown convince Michael Jordan at the last second to take D.J. Augustin instead. That led to a great deal of animosity from Lopez and his agent, who both spoke about what went down publicly.

Stanford’s Brook Lopez(notes) had slipped to ninth, and Jordan and his top basketball executives prepared to select him. So sure of the choice, one team official called Lopez’s agents and told them to prepare the 7-footer for the walk to the podium. Michael Jordan had his man.

Only, Larry Brown wouldn’t stop his protesting in the draft room. For some reason – who knows, because Brown didn’t scout these players – the coach wanted to take D.J. Augustin(notes), a small point guard over a skilled 7-footer. He didn’t want Raymond Felton(notes), Brown bellowed. Finally, Jordan relented. The Bobcats notified the league they were taking Augustin and left Lopez stunned when the commissioner didn’t call his name.


Do you think the Bobcats are becoming a team that players don’t want to play for?