Players to give interviews on another network, social media during draft?

According to Dennis Dillon in Tuesday’s edition of SportingNews Today, the NFLPA is not only asking the incoming rookies to boycott the NFL Draft, they are talking about having the players “appear on a competing network to do post-draft interviews or on a social media platform only.”

The NFL Draft gets huge ratings, largely for its newsworthiness and background information on each player selected. Typically the top 15-20 players attend, walk onto the stage and shake hands with the NFL Commissioner for a photo opportunity. Then those players will generally sit down for a minute or so and answer a couple of questions on camera.

What would be an interesting twist is if the NFLPA could not only get these 15-20 top players to appear via the web or on another station, but also get the rest of the players drafted in the top three rounds to participate as well. Imagine having something like a UStream video chat with each of the incoming rookies, maybe moderated by a host, where fans would chat and ask questions of them, and perhaps see highlights of their collegiate career. Seems like that’s more of what the fans would want to see anyway, and something that Yahoo! Sports or AOL could pull off pretty easily.

Watch ESPN’s take on the subject: