Ryan Mallett: The good, the bad and the ugly all on video

Most of us only know what we’ve heard about Arkansas QB Ryan Mallett. I didn’t watch many of his games, mainly because I’m not an Arkansas fan.

But the beauty of the interwebs is that we can take snippets of Mallett’s performances and lump them into segments for easy consumption.

Mallett, who stands 6’6″ and weighs in at 253 lbs., is a strong-armed pocket-passer whom the Panthers are considering picking in the upcoming draft.

Check out his ESPN draft profile or perhaps his SportingNews.com breakdown. For what it’s worth, ESPN has Mallett graded at 85 — four points lower than they gave Jimmy Clausen a year ago — and the fourth best QB in the draft. SportingNews has Mallett as a 5.9 out of 10, and the seventh-best QB available in the draft.

But, we believe seeing is believing, so check out this clip of Mallett as a traditional pocket passer:

and his deep passing ability:

And Mallett improvising under duress:

and of course, the bad decisions:

What do you think about Mallett? Is he the future of the Panthers’ franchise?