Is Patrick Peterson the Panthers’ Pick?


Honestly, I think this whole deal about Cam Newton is a snowjob. I think the Panthers are artificially trying to generate some interest in Newton (or Gabbert) in hopes that some team will jump up to the first pick, give them something decent in return, and that they’ll end up taking someone like Patrick Peterson, A.J. Green or Nick Fairley instead.

At least that’s what I hope. That’s what makes sense.

It’s not that I think that Cam will be a bust, but I don’t think the Panthers can afford to take that chance. There are too many questions surrounding him, from his character to his transition to the NFL from a spread offense … can the Panthers really afford to gamble with the first overall pick?

That’s why I think the pick ultimately will be Patrick Peterson. If they can trade down within the top 10, Peterson could still be available. His size and ability opposite of Chris Gamble would be fantastic, and it would make the defense — which wasn’t too shabby last season — even more formidable. Defensive tackles can be found on the open market, but top-shelf corners aren’t available very often.

Peterson makes sense for the Panthers because he’s got the least bust potential of all the players that they’re allegedly eying for their first round pick.

Defensive linemen bust all the time. Both Newton and Gabbert have steep learning curves ahead of them. A.J. Green is the other sure-fire talent available in the draft, but he’ll probably be gone if the Panthers swap picks with the Redskins and are selecting at #10 overall (for example). Peterson could still be there at #10.

Peterson reminds a lot of people of Rod Woodson. He’s got the size, skills and speed to be a great corner or safety in the NFL.

What do you think?