DeAngelo via Facebook, “this is a business”

DeAngelo Williams, who is scheduled to be an unrestricted free agent (or a restricted free agent, depending on a new CBA), recently said that he wouldn’t mind playing for the Miami Dolphins, but just like the Panthers, it made a difference who the quarterback was.

“It’s all going to boil down to quarterbacks,” Williams told WQAM-AM. “In this league, the running game is all predicated on if you have a quarterback or not. If you don’t have a quarterback, teams stack the box and they force you to do what you do best.”

Williams posted the following comments late Sunday night regarding his thoughts on remaining in Carolina or going elsewhere. You can read the postings on DeAngelo’s facebook page (which were still there as of 12:50am Monday morning).

“hello everyone I have been asked time and time again dont leave Carolina or I need to go here what i want everyone to know is its not in my hands But i Have to keep every Option open if i have to say i would love to play for all 32 teams in 32 days i would do that I love football and I dont think a team carry a Person but it possible that people can carry a team”

“And last but not Least remember that this is a business everything you read and hear are things to persuade the fans into a certain direction and as for You Aaron Dean Wolfe you really should get a Terrible person to lash out at because your rant only pisses the true fans off”

“But with all things said i do want to stay a Panther lol”

You can also read more about DeAngelo’s adventures this offseason with “Whitie” on the Facebook page “On the road with DeAngelo and Whitie“.