Does is make sense to draft either Gabbert or Newton?

Details are starting to emerge about the new Carolina Panthers’ offense, with word that Rob Chudzinski’s offensive playbook is in excess of 900 pages, and that it contains a lot of shifts, motions and is a timing-based passing attack.

Knowing that, and knowing that either Cam Newton or Blaine Gabbert probably won’t contribute for a year in such an offense, does it even make sense to draft either of them in the first place?

Perhaps the best QB available to handle the new playbook may be Matt Moore or Jimmy Clausen. They each already have rapport with the current receivers, and both have NFL experience.

I think you will see a vastly improved Jimmy Clausen in the preseason, if there is one.

Clausen will finally have somewhere to throw the ball, and with that confidence he will be able to enhance his pocket awareness. Much of his problem last year was that everyone knew what the Panthers were doing, compounded by two rookie receivers and a patchwork offensive line. I’m not making excuses for Clausen, but to place all the blame on him and to say he’s garbage is extremely short sighted. He’s got some talent — he just needs the coaching.

We know he’s been working out with Armanti Edwards and Brandon LaFell this past offseason. At least he’s throwing and working with teammates, trying to get better. Meanwhile, Matt Moore is rehabbing his shoulder and should be ready to fight for a roster spot, provided the Panthers bring him back.