NBA Draft Profile: Enes Kanter

Position: C|PF
H: 6′ 11″
W: 260 lbs
Birthday: 05/20/1992
Wingspan: 7′ 1.5″ comparison: Al Horford

How he fits with the Bobcats:
Kanter is an athletic big man who can score, defend, rebound and shoot from the outside. He always plays with a lot of energy and would instantly give the Bobcats a legitimate starting center, both defensively and offensively. Kanter has great shooting range and ball control for a guy his size.

The knock on Kanter is his knees. Rumors are that they aren’t 100%, and that he may have chronic problems with them throughout his career.

Kanter figures to be gone before the Bobcats pick at 9 overall, however it’s possible that he will slide down the draft board due to either his knee situation or his refusal to work out for certain teams that draft above the Bobcats.

Kanter is the best available center in the draft.