Corey Maggette Excited to be a Bobcat

Corey Maggette spoke to the media today about becoming a Bobcat.  (read the full story here from Mike Cranston w/ the AP

He seemed very upbeat about coming to Charlotte, which is a very good sign.  He said he is fully healed from a nagging ankle injury from a year ago and has already been promised the starting small forward spot by Coach Paul Silas.

“He did not want to play the 4 spot. He wanted to play the 3 and that’s what he’s going to do,” Silas said. “And he’s going to start. He wasn’t starting before so we’re giving him everything he needs to be successful.”

Maggette was also very complimentary of Michael Jordan as well.

“If you know Michael, he’s definitely starting in this field as an owner and still understanding about the business of basketball,” said Maggette, who got to know Jordan while growing up. “But he’s an incredible winner. He knows how to win. He has incredible drive and that’s something Michael will never let go.”

He also commented that he felt eventually Jordan will be able to get guys to come to Charlotte to play for him.  Let’s hope so, as we all know Chris Paul is rumored to be thier target next summer when the Bobcats should have a lot of salary cap space.

All in all it’s very encouraging that Maggette is excited to play here as we’re going to need his scoring and veteran leadership.

Notes:  Interesting tweet I just saw from Cranston:

Jack mentions out loud #Bobcats‘ plans to be terrible for short term. Caims they shut him down because they didn’t want to make playoffs.  Sour grapes anyone?

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