Charles Johnson tweets that he will be in Atlanta Thursday — helping a friend move

Panthers DE Charles Johnson tweeted earlier today that he would be in Atlanta on Thursday. Normally that wouldn’t be noteworthy, however with the start of training camp and free agency starting this week (more than likely Wednesday), being in Atlanta is the last place the Panthers organizaton wants Johnson — who is an unrestricted free agent — to be.

We had a twitter conversation with Johnson in April, and he indicated that he wished to remain in Charlotte as a Panther.

Perhaps Johnson had a change of heart and he has found the Falcons more appealing than the Panthers than he did when we asked him if he wanted to remain here. Or maybe it really is just a tweet letting his friends know he will be in town on Thursday.

Losing Johnson would be a huge blow for the Panthers, but losing him to the Falcons would be even worse.


Johnson says that he’s just helping a friend move. See … in the age of social media, we always think the worst.