Thoughts from Panthers Training Camp 7-31-2011

Cam Newton was everything I thought he would be & more. Throws looked effortless. Massive compared to Clausen. Signed autographs 30+ min.

Jonathan Stewart looked like he has hit the weights during the lockout. Would hate to be on other end of a stiff arm from him.

The two new acquisitions from today, Michael Greco & Kelvin Smith were both in attendance for practice.

Greg Olsen and Jeremy Shockey just look the part of tight ends that Rivera wants in his system. Expect CAR to go to TE’s a lot this season.

Rookie DT Terrell McClain was not in attendance. Still has not signed his rookie contract.

CB is weakest position on the roster. Gamble remains starter but after that: Munnerlynn, Burney, McClain, Wilson & other misfits. Yikes.

Armanti Edwards has been talk of camp so far. No dreads, fielding punts (no fumbles), catching highlight passes. Has he turned the corner?

Biggest thing I seen so far that got me excited was that CAR is implementing kind of a spread-like, college offensive scheme. (Auburnesque?)

Most exciting play I witnessed was a triple-option play ran by Cam with an option pitch to… Steve Smith. Also seen an option to Goodson.

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