Rivera: No scrimmage at Fan Fest

One of the longest running traditions is coming to an end this Saturday.

The Carolina Panthers will not be running a controlled scrimmage at Fan Fest, according to Head Coach Ron Rivera.

“We can’t,” Rivera said on Thursday. “We need to use it as a teaching practice. The one thing we will do different is we’ll do a special teams section at the end of each period. That will probably be the biggest difference from what practice has been. But for the most part it will be an installation practice like we’ve been doing.

“It will be a regular practice for the most part in terms of periods. We will do specific periods in terms of what we want to get out of practice. Because of the way things are, we really can’t do anything overly special as far as that’s concerned. We’ve got to use it as an install day as well, so our coordinators will be installing their playbook stuff that was set up for that day. We’re not going to take it as a pause and try to showcase anything. We’re going to use it as a regular practice day.”

It may actually work out better for fans planning to attend the event. Typically during the controlled scrimmage, fans don’t get to see a whole lot. They’ll see a handful of plays from each unit, but oftentimes there isn’t much to look at. With Rivera’s approach, fans will see a great deal more action than they’d normally see. And with the later start time, it won’t be as hot since the sun wont be directly overhead and they will be more shade on the South side of the stadium.