Rivera on Armanti: We’ll find places to put him on the field

The jokes about Armanti Edwards are going to come to a screeching halt.

Not only has Edwards (@armantiedwards) looked good as a receiver and punt returner, but Head Coach Ron Rivera stated that he’s excited about what Edwards has done thus far in camp.

“With what Armanti has done and some of the things he is showing us, he deserves an opportunity,” Rivera said on Thursday. “We’ll find places to put him on the field. I’m real excited about him, real intrigued by his abilities.”

Rivera notes, however, that Edwards has to produce when it matters.

“Now it’s easy, because you know certain techniques that the corners do, certain things that they do well,” Rivera said.

“You hear calls, and it tells you what to expect in terms of coverage. When you get a chance to play against competition, when we play against the Giants, it will be a good test. Not just for him but for the other guys. What’s going to happen is we’ll be able to gauge them as far as playing against the competition.

“That’s what we’ve got to see with Armanti. Last year, everybody talked about he didn’t look good in training camp, he didn’t do this in training camp. The truth of the matter is Armanti had never practiced like a wide receiver ever. He had always practiced as a quarterback, and it’s more stressful. This year, he took it to heart and had a great offseason from what I’m being told. What I’ve seen here, it looks to me as if he’s done those things and he’s not fading. His legs aren’t dead. Mentally, he’s not all over the place. This has been a great step that’s he’s taken, and, hopefully, it will continue. That’s what we’re hoping, too. That he’s not a flash in the pan for the first few days where he’s done a lot of good things and now he gets overwhelmed. We’re hoping that he can continue to grow and show us that he is growing as a football player.”