Smith on new offense: Here it’s put your foot on the gas pedal and go hard

WR Steve Smith spoke to the media after practice, stating that the new offense was a breath of fresh air — and that now instead of him playing the same position and doing the same thing all the time, he will be moving around, doing different things and being more of a factor in the offense — thus being harder for opposing defensive coordinators to gameplan for. “It’s gonna be good,” Smith said. “The quarterbacks are doing what hasn’t been done here in a long time, The philosophy in years past has been not to screw it up, and here it’s put your foot on the gas pedal and go hard.”

“I respect coach Fox and I respect the offensive coordinators that have been here. But at the same time I’m a wide receiver. Run blocking is not my forte,” Smith said. “It is nice to have layers, have multiple sets, not to just be stacking to one spot for 70 plays. I get to line up in different spots. It’s just refreshing. It’s not saying, ‘Well, we’re going to move you around,’ and then never do it. Here they’re actually saying it and it’s happening. It’s not just me. It’s other guys as well.”