Rivera on Newton’s inaccuracy: He just has to learn how to control himself

Before the torrential downpour at Bank of America Stadium Sunday, Panthers quarterback Cam Newton was sailing passes high on a consistent basis.

After the game, Panthers head coach Ron Rivera tried to explain why.

“He was high,” Rivera said. “This is an emotional football player. He just has to learn how to control himself and take a deep breath. There again if they weren’t high they would have been good completions because they were good decisions. Again, when you are young quarterbacks are going to have
good and bad days. Unfortunately this was one of his bad days.”

Newton went on to lead a touchdown drive to win the game in the fourth quarter.

“Newton settled in and made some good decisions,” Rivera said.. If he continues to do that it gives us a chance to win. If we give ourselves a chance to win I think we will win a few more.”

Newton was glad to get the win, but wasn’t happy with his performance.

“At times, the defense wasn’t giving the looks that we wanted,” Newton said after the game. “That is when you have to make the decision in your mind as a quarterback are you going to force it to get a completion or are you going to chunk it down to your backs. Every day is not going to be a shut out day where you have tons and tons of yards. Today was a prime example of you managing the game and getting it down to your backs to keep the chains going.

“Coach Rivera always says that when you just do okay you get beat also,” Newton said. “I think that performance was moderate. It feels great to get that win. A lot of guys on our team were battling from the first snap to the last snap.

“We just have to admire that in our team.”