NBA, NBAPA come to terms on an agreement, we lift our self-imposed blog-out

In the wee hours of the morning on Saturday, or late into the night on Friday (whichever you prefer), the NBA and the NBA Players Association came to a tentative agreement that would end the lockout and preserve a 66-game schedule starting on Christmas day.

Since the lockout started, we at have maintained a Bobcats/NBA “blog-out”, where we’ve not mentioned the team or written about the league due to the labor strife.

The deal is not 100% done, however, because it needs to be ratified by both sides of the equation, but most people close to the situation feel that it’s going to happen.

The details of the deal are still sketchy, with the parties involved declining to release specifics yet. We’ll be sure to discuss them whenever they are unveiled, and talk about how impacts the Bobcats.

One thing is for certain, it’s good to have the NBA back.