It’s Never too Early for Some Bobcat Observations

Here are some of my observations from the Bobcat’s first 4 games:

  • I honestly thought Corey Maggette was going to be better here.  He has been abysmal to say the least.  Shooting 28% from the field and sporting a whopping 3.1 PER, he has to be the biggest disappointment thus far.
  • Boris Diaw has had his moments, i.e. a near triple double in the both of the first two games, but has been pretty pedestrian in the last 2 games, not coincidentally 2 blow outs. 
  • Biggest surprise has to be the play of D.J. White.  He’s shooting over 57% from the field and is coming off a career high 21 at Miami.  I find it very interesting Silas’ quote after the performance of White, in relation to Tyrus Thomas.  “He’s going to play now.  Tyrus is going to have to show he can play better.”  Hmmm…
  • Gerald Henderson played really well in games 1 and 2, but has only hit 8 of his past 26 shots.  It didn’t help they were getting demolished in both of his “bad” games, and appeared to be pressing at times as a result. 
  • Biggest Surprise #2 has to be the outside shooting of Byron Mullens.  The guy has hardly missed from beyond 15 feet since he arrived, and the trading of only a future 2nd round pick seems like a solid move.
  • The rookies: Kemba Walker for the most part has been about what I expected, a little up and down, but overall very solid.  His crossover has already made a few opponents look silly (see Sanders, Larry).  I think he has a very bright future in the league and the Miami debacle was a good chance for him to get some extra PT.  He responded with his best game yet, 17 points and 4 assists.  He also leads the team with a PER of 19.5.  Bismack has looked lost at times, but seems to play really hard and has a knack for blocking shots, as he has 5 in only 50 minutes of playing time.  He’s also altered countless others.  We knew going in he was going to be a project, but that’s the beauty of a rebuilding year, we’ve got time.
  • DJ Augustin continues to amaze and frustrate at the same time.  One game he looks like he is the real deal and then he shoots 1-11 at Miami.  Consistency is something that he STILL lacks.
  • Gana Diop – he’s just horrible.  He or Maggette HAVE to be amnesty candidates in the offseason.
  • Matt Carroll.  He’s a really nice guy.  That’s gotta count for something, right?

Overall, I’m not at all shocked by what I’ve seen out of this bunch so far.  They are going to continue to be wildly inconsistent all year.  Nothing illustrates that more than the fact that they led the NBA in rebounding differential through 2 games, and are -15 since. I’ve said all along that this is going to be a throw-away season as we push toward the summer with another high draft pick and loads of cap space.  It’s best not to get to high or too low on game outcomes, but rather watch and see who improves and who doesn’t and who is a keeper and who isn’t.

-Matt Price (Follow me on twitter @realbobcatmatt)