The story behind #MullensMafia

Eric and I had tickets to the Bobcats game last night. Hours before the game, Byron Mullens tweeted and asked if anyone had a #22 jersey and was wearing it to the game. Since I didn’t have one — and I didn’t have the money to buy one — I made a big sign with “#MullensMafia” on it to show him some support.

Mullens tweeted that he was creating a contest to give away a jersey to whomever would show him the most support.

I took a gamble with that term. I’d seen Will (@theKurb) create the hastag #panthersmafia this summer when referring to support of the Panthers and Charles Johnson, so “Mullens Mafia” had aliteration and seemed to fit the cause.

What I’d hoped was that we’d get on the big screen in the arena and maybe get a few people to use the hashtag on twitter, and perhaps get Byron to see it as a sign of support as well. He saw the sign — which he acknowledged through twitter later that evening — and we were not only on the big screen once, but THREE times that night.

Since then, Byron has started using the hashtag, people are buying into the concept, and we’re doing some fun things here in Charlotte through social media.