Checkers, Bobcats to play doubleheader on April 7th

The Charlotte Checkers and Charlotte Bobcats will play a doubleheader on April 7th at Time Warner Cable Arena.

Earlier today, Bobcats Sports and Entertainment, the parent company of the NBA’s Charlotte Bobcats and the operators of Time Warner Cable Arena and the Charlotte Checkers announced today that the two teams will be playing a doubleheader on Saturday, April 7th, with the Checkers playing Abbotsford for a 12:00 p.m. face-off, and the Bobcats hitting the floor that same night as they face the Atlanta Hawks for an 8:00 tip-off.

Tera Black, the Chief Operating Officer of the Charlotte Checkers said “We are looking forward to being part of this unprecedented event at Time Warner Cable Arena.” quoted Black, “Our fans can now enjoy two games and two different sports in the same building on the same day.”  The Bobcats and Checkers have both called Time Warner Cable Arena(formerly Charlotte Bobcats Arena) since 2005, when the facility first opened.

Fred Whitfield, President and COO of Bobcats Sports and Entertainment said that the organization is looking forward to the first ever AHL/NBA Doubleheader in the histories of both, the Bobcats and Checkers. “We’re excited to be able to offer our fans an unprecedented day of sports action.” Whitfield said in a statement, “With the Checkers playing in the afternoon and the Bobcats that night, Time Warner Cable Arena will be the place to be on April 7th.”

The change comes after the rescheduling of the January 25th Red Hot Chilli Peppers concert, which was pushed back to April 6th, the date that the Checkers were supposed to play the Abbotsford Heat that night, and the Checkers will honor those tickets at the April 7th game.