Bobcats Draft Thoughts and Other Musings

Here are some of my scattered thoughts heading into one of the most important days in Charlotte Bobcat’s history with Thursday’s draft NBA draft looming:

  • If the rumors are true and the Cleveland Cavaliers come calling about the 2nd pick they’ve got to find a way to get it done.  I’d demand 4, 24, and their best second round pick, at the minimum. I feel the ‘Cats covet two players, Harrison Barnes and Thomas Robinson.  I strongly suspect BOTH players will still be available at 4, so if you have the opportunity to pick up two extra picks and still get your man, you do it.  It’s not much of a secret that Cleveland covets Bradley Beal, and they have to know Washington will snatch him in a heartbeat, given their recent head scratcher of a move bringing in Emeka Okafor and Trevor Ariza, and their gaping hole at shooting guard.  The question is do they covet him enough to give up those two other picks.
  • The other scuttlebutt going around is trading the pick for an established veteran, which I can’t stand the idea of.  In this context, established veteran means, “Overpaid, marginal ‘star’ who is not going to push any team over the top.”  I.E. Rudy Gay, Josh Smith, or similar.  It’d be a financial disaster to take on Gay’s contract when they’ve worked so hard the past couple of years to shed salary. They need to save their cap room for one more season and try to splurge next summer.  The one exception to this is if we could trade the pick for James Harden, who is still on his rookie deal and appears headed for stardom.  However, that all appears to be one huge pipe dream since Harden recently came out and said he wants to re-sign with OKC long term.  While I’m quite skeptical OKC can keep that core together after signing Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook to max deals, it’s atleast worth a call to OKC and throw out a feeler.  They’d have to consider it if they don’t think they can re-sign Harden to a huge deal which I’m sure he’s going to be looking for.  This way they get a rookie scale contract and their choice of any player in the draft not named Anthony Davis.
  • I say complete your draft day moves and go ahead and use that wonderful clause known as “Amnesty” to rid themselves of the headache that is Tyrus Thomas.  Thomas, who regressed big time last season, is due $24 million over the next 3 years. It’s a no brainer to make this move.  Yes, they still have Gana Diop’s ridiculous 8 million dollar salary staring them in the face, but it’s expiring.  Ride it out and put one of the worst nightmare contracts behind them next summer forever.
  • I’ve said ever since the day Rich Cho took over this would be a three year project, and with one year down, I like the direction it’s headed in.  We have Corey Maggette and Matt Carroll’s contracts expiring along with Diop’s and we will be in salary cap heaven.  I’d anticipate another top 5 pick next year to add into our current group and this year’s draft picks.  We might have a pretty attractive situation to lure a free agent or two here next summer.  Of course all of this could go out the window if they trade the 2nd pick to bring in salary and overpay for a middle of the road free agent this summer.  Patience is the key word and I seriously believe Cho has it.  I just hope for all of our sakes that Michael Jordan has it as well.

-Matt Price

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