Why not Brandon Beane?

Believe me, I heard the talk radio folks dismissing the South Stanly grad all day Monday, but it really makes sense to include Beane in the list of serious candidates.

Beane’s first taste with the Panthers was as a communications intern during training camp in 1998. Shortly after graduation, he joined the staff full time in 1999. That’s right, he’s been with the team for fifteen years.

Coming into the season, Beane’s duties were overseeing the equipment, video and team operations for
the organization as the Director of Football Operations. The Panthers media guide adds “Brandon works closely with General Manager Marty Hurney on managing the day-to-day operations of the football team, developing budgets for the football operations staff and coordinating training camp and team travel.”

Doesn’t seem like a tough job on the surface, but if you look at exactly what all that is, it’s a lot of coordination and management of a lot of moving parts — precisely what the Panthers need in a General Manager.

The mere fact that Beane was named the interim General Manager after Hurney was dismissed is interesting in itself. Why not Rob Rodgers, Director of Team Administration or Team President Danny Morrison himself?

Beane may not be a talent evaluator or a cap specialist, but he is a manager – a guy who can take information from all the various sources, pro scouting, college scouting, the coaching staff and the cap guys and lead the team of decision makers to make decisions for the team. He’s not a king, nor was Hurney, and that’s a common misconception. Sure, he’ll have to do more scouting himself at bowl games and the combine, but it’s not like he’s by himself.

Unless the Panthers plan on bringing in a seasoned General Manager candidate, why not roll the dice with Beane?