refutes Schein’s scathing comments about Newton and Rivera

If you are a Panthers fan, you’ve undoubtedly read what’s Adam Schein wrote about Ron Rivera and Cam Newton this week. Honestly, I think some of it’s true, while much of it is pure conjecture.

Max Henson of did a good job of refuting some of the points Schein made in his article.

Perhaps the best line was this one:

If you don’t think Panthers veterans follow Newton’s lead, you didn’t see the season finale in New Orleans and you certainly didn’t see what happened in the locker room postgame.

Newton suffered rib and ankle injuries. He was examined by doctors and played on. The Panthers won, 44-38.

That game meant nothing in terms of postseason qualification. It meant everything to Newton’s teammates and coaches.

Here’s a quote from a vet, left tackle Jordan Gross: “Cam coming back in today was just awesome. It made my day. Cam has just continued to impress me this season with his growth, his leadership, his attitude, his play, his game management.”

Max also refutes Schein’s comments that the Panthers have the worst roster in the division:

Here’s the other ultra-important issue: Carolina clearly has the worst roster in the division.

I’m not saying the Panthers are perfect, but there’s more talent in Carolina than that statement suggests. This is a team that swept the Saints in 2012. A team that was a 59-yard, last-minute heave away from sweeping the Falcons. A team that lost to the Buccaneers by six points twice, once in overtime.

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