If Len and Bennett are gone, what next?

Let’s face it. As Bobcats fans, we’re not expecting them to have a solid draft. Their draft history has been abysmal, and this current crop of incoming rookies seriously lacks any outstanding prospects.

Since there is no clear-cut first overall pick, there’s no telling who might fall to the Bobcats, who pick fourth in next Thursday’s NBA Draft.

Rumor has it that the Wizards, picking third, will take Georgetown forward Otto Porter with their pick. There are also rumors that Maryland center Alex Len, who I’ve stated should be the Bobcats’ pick at four, could go to the Cavaliers at number one.

If these two scenarios play out, it’s unlikely that the Magic, who pick second, would take Anthony Bennett. However, with a less-than-stellar field of rookies to select from, Orlando may either trade back or take the forward from UNLV.

That leaves Charlotte in a pickle; who is next on their draft board? We know that Indiana guard Victor Oladipo figures to be in that top five mix, but is he really worth the fourth overall pick, and more importantly, does he make the Bobcats any better than Gerald Henderson does now? And if you indeed do take Oladipo and you keep Gerald Henderson, you’ve got a glut at shooting guard (at least next season) with Henderson, Ben Gordon and Oladipo.

The Bobcats have stated that they’ll take the best prospect, regardless of position. Does that mean Michigan point guard Trey Burke is in the mix? What about Kansas guard Ben McLemore, who disappeared during the NCAA Tournament and has been troubled with off the court issues for the last several months?

The most intriguing question is perhaps surrounding Kentucky center Nerlens Noel. Noel played for a high-profile program in Kentucky, but his knee injury last February brings up concerns about his explosiveness and his ability to stay healthy on such a skinny frame in today’s NBA. Noel wasn’t an offensive juggernaut when he was healthy, but he was a defensive stalwart for the Wildcats. Still, I can’t see the team taking Noel if they have any plans to hang on to Bismack Biyombo, who essentially is the same player as Noel.

In the scenario where Bennett and Len are both gone by the Bobcats’ pick, the best solution for them would be to trade back with someone coveting either Oladipo, McLemore or Burke and acquire more assets. None of the players available would get them where they want to go, and largely duplicate talent that is already on the team.