Three Things to Watch: Preseason Eagles Edition

The Panthers are in Philly to take on the Eagles on Thursday night in Preseason Game 2.

Perhaps the most important thing for the Panthers to accomplish is to get out of Philly without any major injuries. The Panthers, like most NFL teams, can’t afford to lose any of their starters in meaningless games.

Three Things I’ll Be Watching

1. Ted Ginn Jr.
Ginn and backup QB Derek Anderson weren’t on the same page in last week’s preseason opener. I’m hoping to see Ginn get some time with Cam Newton and see if it’s really Ginn not doing what he’s supposed to or Anderson just couldn’t get him the ball. I still think Ginn makes the team as a returner, even if he is a failure at WR, but I wouldn’t be shocked to see him cut.

2. Offensive Line Play
It wasn’t horrible last week, but then again, it wasn’t stellar. With Bruce Campbell out with a shoulder injury, can we really rely on a guy who was playing defensive tackle just a few months ago to protect the QB’s blindside? And what’s the deal with this year’s fourth round pick, Edmund Kugbila? The guy has been hurt since OTAs with some kind of leg/hamstring injury. Good grief. What a fine time to cut Hangartner, too.

3. Kenjon Barner’s Ball Security
The rookie looked good when he had the opportunities … he’s just got to hang onto the ball. His game reminds me a lot of former Bucs and Falcons great Warrick Dunn, and we know Tiki Barber had a problem holding onto the ball early on in his career.

What do you think? What are your Three Things to Watch? Post them here or check out our brand new Panthers Community and discuss the game with other Panthers Fans.