Panthers Preseason Game 3 Thoughts

The Panthers won, but there were a lot of negatives coming out of the game against the Ravens.

Did my questions from earlier in the week get answered? Let’s revisit them:

1) Will this offense do anything of note?

Answer: No

The Panthers offense struggled all night. Newton was inconsistent, throwing several passes inaccurately. When Newton was accurate, half of those were dropped by the receiver. The offensive line couldn’t open holes for the running backs, and the offense couldn’t get going. They managed only 6 points, all resulting from Gano field goals.

2) Will the Offensive Line give Cam time?

Answer: No

This offensive line is poor. We covered some of it above, but it should be noted how poor they are. The Ravens had no problem stuffing the run and getting into Carolina’s backfield.

3) Is Ted Ginn Jr worth keeping?

Answer: Yes

First punt return, touchdown. He may not be a good receiver, but hey, a touchdown is a touchdown. Keep on keepin’ on, Ted Ginn.

4) How will Beason look, if he plays?

Answer: Inconclusive

Beason played, but he didn’t do too much of note, and didn’t play a whole lot. Good to see him on the field, however.

5) Will Josh Norman strengthen his claim to start?

Answer: No

Norman didn’t do anything of note this week, and when Captain Munnerlyn came out with an inured right arm/hand, it was Josh Thomas who came in to replace him, not Norman.

Random Thoughts

– Cam often throws the ball too hard rather than focusing on throwing the ball accurately. The result are errant passes that aren’t catchable. It’s something that can be changed, however, so it’s just a matter of identifying the problem and working on it. Whether the Panthers will do that or not is another matter.

– Luke Kuechly is an absolute beast. He’s the most complete linebacker I’ve ever seen. What a fantastic pick by Marty Hurney, who rarely missed on first round picks.

– Wide Receiver and Offensive Line is wide open. I wouldn’t be surprised to see more than usual cuts with guys recently cut from other teams picked up. They simply aren’t performing.

– For a secondary who is “terrible”, they sure are making a lot of plays. Gotta credit Star Lotulelei, KK Short and Luke Kuechly for making plays to force opponents offenses into mistakes.

– Seems like the Panthers are running a lot of run plays without a blocking fullback. Much of it is due to injuries, but it’s clear that they need to do something different to get it started.