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3:50 pm

The Panthers couldn’t get anything going in the second half, and despite a valiant effort against the Seahawks offense, the Panthers came up short once again.

Seattle broke for a long touchdown pass along the sideline that ended up being the difference maker for the win.

Carolina was moving the ball well midway through the fourth quarter when DeAngelo Williams fumbled inside the 10 yard line. Seattle recovered and ran out the clock.

This one isn’t on Cam. He didn’t make mistakes, and generally threw the ball well. Key drops by Greg Olsen proved costly today, as did Williams’ fumble, Josh Thomas’ inadvertent touching of the ball on a punt return, and Rivera’s misusage of timeouts and reluctance to go for it on fourth and inches.


2:25 pm

Halftime Stats:

Newton: 10/14, 87 yards, 1 TD, 19 yards rushing.
Williams: 8 carries, 39 yards
Olsen: 4 catches, 48 yards
Smith: 4 catches, 32 yards, 1 TD

Passing Yards Allowed: 122
Rushing yards Allowed: 34

Carolina won time of possession by about 3 minutes in first half.


2:18 pm

Carolina is content to let the clock burn down.

Halftime. Panthers 7, Seahawks 3.


2:16 pm

Guess Who? Doug Baldwin finds another hole in the zone and gets inside the Panthers 15 yard line. On the ensuing play, a sack by Charles Johnson forced Wilson to fumble, and the Panthers recovered.

Crisis adverted. First down, Panthers.

:35 let, 3 timeouts. Let’s see if the Panthers go conservative here.


2:15 pm

An unsportsmanlike penalty on Frank Alexander negates Godfrey’s sack on a blitz, gives the Seahawks a crucial first down. Terrible, terrible penalty on Alexander, who was ejected for throwing a punch. Seahawks, instead of punting, are still alive and near field goal territory.


2:08 pm

Hawks still not running well, but Wilson is able to roll out and complete passes to wide open receivers who have found the holes in the zone. His accuracy has been fantastic.

2:00 warning.


2:01 pm

Panthers answer back with a long scoring drive of their own. Newton hit Smith for the short TD pass, after a long drive highlighted by long passes to Greg Olsen and runs by DeAngelo Williams. Jeff Byers was at right guard during most of the drive.

Panthers lead Seattle 7-3.


1:50 pm

Seahawks pick up a first down on third and seven on a pass to Sidney Rice. Seahawks enter into Panthers territory for the first time. Moving the ball very well, mixing the run and pass.

Deep fade to Baldwin puts Seahawks in the red zone, first and 10 on the 11.

A holding penalty on Seattle pushes them back to the 23, after a negative run on first down.

Doug Baldwin seems to be Wilson’s primary target, and he’s open all the time. He’s the Seahawks leading receiver right now.

After a third and long dump to the TE, the Seahawks ssettled for a field goal. 3-0, Seahawks with a little more than 9 minutes left in the game.


1:40 pm

Hawks finally get their offense rolling, picking up their first first down of the game. A rare missed tackle by Luke Kuechly allows Marshawn Lynch to run for a big gain. A short Wilson pass to Baldwin gives the Hawks their second first down of the game.

Jon Beason comes off the field on third downs, replaced by John Norman in the nickel package.

End of the first quarter.

Garry Williams was carted off the sideline into the locker room. I’d bet it’s a significant injury. Williams looked to be in a lot of pain, and couldn’t put any weight on his leg. Gettleman better start warming up the phone lines to find a replacement.


1:34 pm

After helping Williams off the field, the Panthers couldn’t obtain a first down. Newton threaded a perfect pass to Greg Olsen 20 yards down the field, but Olsen couldn’t hold onto the ball. Another punt for the Panthers.


1:30 pm

Panthers G Garry Williams down on the field, writhing in pain. Looks like ‘ol Travelle Wharton is going to be pressed into playing a little more than planned. He’s at left guard, with Scott at right.



Panthers suffocate the Seahawks offense again, force the Seahawks into another punt. Panthers take over at their 20.


1:23 pm

Panthers second possession started with a promising Williams run on first, then Schofield beat Gross to sack Newton, forcing a third and long. With receivers covered all over the field, Newton threw underneath to Olsen, who came up roughly five yards shy of a first down. Carolina punt.


1:17 pm

Panthers first defensive stand indicates they are for real; Suffocate the Seahawks into no yardage, force a punt. Tremendous energy from the defense so far today.


1:10 pm

Panthers were moving the ball on their first possession, and were bailed out on a third down penalty call. With third and two, the Panthers went for a pass play that was almost intercepted rather than trying to run. First official bad call for the Shula era. Carolina could have picked up that first down running, either with Williams or with Cam. Instead, the Panthers punt and give the ball to the Seahawks, who take possession inside the 10.


12:35 pm

Photos from Twitter:


12:10 pm

Thoughts – With the Seahawks banged up on defense, the Panthers should be able to move the ball. Seattle could resort to blitzing Carolina’s sub-par offensive line, forcing Cam Newton to make quick decisions. Newton’s mechanics are questionable when under pressure, resulting in inaccurate passes. Newton tries to put too much velocity on the pass, which often results in poor accuracy.

The key the the game defensively for the Panthers is to contain Seahawks QB Russell Wilson. Wilson is a playmaker that likes to get out of the pocket and make plays. When that happens, defenders often take their focus off of their assignments and focus on stopping Wilson. The Panthers have to maintain their coverages so that Wilson doesn’t pass downfield for a longer play. Look for the Panthers to spy Wilson with a linebacker.


12:00 pm

Key defensive players out for the Seahawks –


11:40 am


Kenjon Barner RB Inactive
James Dockery DB Inactive
Brian Folkerts C Inactive
Domenik Hixon WR Inactive
Wes Horton DE Inactive
Mike Mitchell SS Inactive
Amini Silatolu G Inactive

DT Dwan Edwards IS active today, and G Chris Scott will start in place of Amini Silatolu, however Travelle Wharton could see some playing time as well. Armanti Edwards will be the third receiver today.


11:20 am

RB Kenjon Barner and CB James Dockery are out for the game. S Mike Mitchell is Doubtful. Although he’s listed as questionable, it appears that DT Dwan Edwards will be out for the game today as well, with rookie DT Kawann Short starting in his place. The inactive list will be released shortly.


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