Panthers lose close game against Buffalo, Fans looks for a scapegoat

The Carolina Panthers lost another close game this Sunday, this one to the Buffalo Bills today 24-23. Fans are debating what the reason is; is it Rivera’s coaching? Is it the playcalling? Is it the defensive secondary? Is it Cam Newton?

The answer is that it’s a little bit of everything.

You’ve got a head coach who admitted coming into this season that he wasn’t ready to be a head coach, and that he had reflected on what he needed to get better at and had corrected it. However, the results of the last two games indicates that he hasn’t learned how to be a head coach yet.

You’ve got an offensive coordinator who has been a failure at every stop calling the plays. The team barely can muster two touchdowns.

You’ve got an offensive line mostly made up of players who couldn’t make another roster, who can’t block defenders.

You’ve got a secondary who was regarded as one of the worst in the NFL that is now down a couple of starters, the best of which is probably out for the year.

And you’ve got a third year quarterback who has had issues with criticism and losing, who throws the ball harder than he throws accurately, hasn’t had a lot of protection, and doesn’t have a lot of help in his receiving corps.

What a wonderful time to be a Panthers fan.

What do you think is the reason the Panthers can’t win games?

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