Rock Climbing and Backpacking with Thrifty Adventures

Enjoy the outdoors with the professional instructors and guides from Thrifty Adventures. Owned and operated by Scott and Christy Thrift, Thrifty Adventures will not only train you how to rock climb the right way, but also guide you at your own pace so that you can enjoy the majestic views around you.

Thrifty Adventures excels in creating fun and informative events, and feel it is important to not only offer people new experiences but to dig deeper and teach them about the preservation and history of these areas.

Get outside. Explore your world.

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or by Phone: 704.796.4482

Rock climbing isn’t the only thing they offer. Thrifty Adventures is a wilderness guiding service based in western North Carolina that provides experiences in rock and ice climbing, backpacking and trekking, mountaineering, repelling and canyoneering.

While there are many guide services available, Thrifty Adventures realizes that not everyone can summit the highest mountains. They do provide more technical trips, but their emphasis is to provide safe trips for anyone who wants to test their limits and explore the world around them.

“12 years ago I was recovering from my first shoulder dislocation, when my dad asked me if I wanted to climb Mt Rainier with him,” Thrifty Adventures Founder Scott Thrift said, reminiscing about how he got started in the sport. “I replied, ‘Sure, what’s Mt. Rainier?’ Dad gave me a book and 6 months later, off we went.”

“We did a week long mountaineering seminar with Rainier Mountaineering Inc. I fell in love with the mountain & the sport. I came home and took up rock climbing, as this was the closest thing to mountaineering I could do in this region. I spent the next 2 years learning as much about climbing & rope management as I could. During that time I summited Mt Rainier, Mt Whitney and Mt Shasta.”

“Two years later I returned to Mt Rainier & tried out for a guide position with RMI. There were 80 people more qualified than I; and only 6 open positions. I knew I was far less experienced but decided I would have fun with it. It was a tough couple of days. I was passed over for a guide position, but was asked to stay on as a carpenter. Later I was informed that they had created the position for me because they were interested in keeping me on so I could gain experience. I climbed on my days off and was able to interact with some of the more seasoned guides. I picked their brains and absorbed all of the information they were willing to give me. I spent about 6 months there.”

Christy Thrift was always a fan of the outdoors, but rock climbing gave her a sense of self confidence and worth that she had been looking for in her life.

“Nature has always been close to my heart, but climbing put it all into an entirely different perspective,” Christy said. “I graduated with a biology degree in 2003 and was climbing shortly after. I was at a crossroads in my life and needed something that would help me build trust and confidence in myself and others. I joined an outdoor club that helped me continue to climb on a regular basis and gave me the opportunity to fall in love with hiking and backpacking. These activities did help me gain the personal strengths I was searching for, and introduced me to some of my closest friends and now hubby! I am excited to create Thrifty Adventures; Not only is this company giving me the opportunity to further my climbing knowledge but it thrills me to know that I can help others search for themselves on the side of the mountain!”

Another consideration that sets Thrifty Adventures apart from others is that they pride themselves on educating their clients. It is important for all of their participants to understand gear, knots, techniques, communication, and the importance of preserving these areas. They also take class sizes into consideration, knowing that these types of guided wilderness experiences are pricey and each client deserves a little one-on-one time.

Thrifty Adventures is growing fast, and in the future they will be offering a variety of boating trips, US and international travel. Don’t worry, they are insured and certified. Thrifty Adventures gained its certifications through the Professional Climbing Guides Institute and are a proud member of the organization. Other certifications include: PCGI Certified Single Pitch Instructor, PCGI Certified Top Rope Guide, Hiking Guide from the Professional, Hiking Guide Association, CPR and First Aid, EMT, and Wilderness First Aid.