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SportsCLT: Bobcats looking good, Panthers beating teams they should, and Knights new logo

Here at CLT+, we do things a little differently. We don’t report a lot of hard news; It’s mostly entertainment-type stuff. Very casual.

That’s what this column/blog is — Very casual.

Gerald Henderson is back on track, Bobcats above .500

Gerald Henderson started the season very slowly, missing most of his shots from the field. Despite his (and Jeff Taylor’s, for that matter) poor shooting, the Bobcats presently stand at 3-2, and look like a general NBA team for the first time since the team was gutted a few seasons back. All the while their main cog, the biggest signing in team history — Al Jefferson — is on the bench nursing a sore ankle. It’s amazing what a real coaching staff can do. Guys are doing stuff they are supposed to be doing. Guys have progressed. They are running plays and adjusting on the fly. It’s simply crazytown right now.

Now, I don’t expect the Bobcats to be over .500 for long. After all, this is the NBA and they are still an average team, but it’s nice to be able to watch them and think to yourself “they might win this game” every night. Baby steps.

Panthers beat teams they are supposed to beat for once

When you have an average team, and you play a below average team, you should win. Except that’s been the Panthers’ Achilles’ Heel for several seasons: they can’t beat teams they are supposed to beat. Lately, the Panthers have been doing just that — throttling teams like the Falcons, Bucs, Giants, Rams and Vikings en-route to a 5-3 record midway through the season. In each of their wins, the Panthers scored over 30 points and held the other team to under 16 points. Add in the fact that they were basically a DeAngelo Williams fumble away from sealing the deal against the Seahawks and a few key injuries away from beating the Bills, and this team could very easily be 7-1 right now.

They head into San Francisco this coming Sunday in what is their biggest regular season game in the Cam Newton / Ron Rivera era to date. If the Panthers can manage to pull out a win, all hell is going to break loose. ESPN is going to recognize the Panthers play in the NFL, radio shows are going to be talking about the Panthers juggernaut, and national pundits will actually begin watching their games.

If they lose, they still would be 5-4 heading into a very winnable matchup agains the New England Patriots.

I think they’ll beat San Francisco, and more importantly, win a close game — something that has eluded this Panthers team through the last three seasons.

New Knights Logo, Colors, and Unis – Oh my!

I’m a designer by trade, so I deal with logos on a daily basis. I’ve been doing it a long time.

Was it time for a Knights refresh? Absolutely. I applaud them 100% for creating the new branding as they prepare to move into their awesome new downtown ballpark (I’m a native, so I still say “downtown”, despite many regimes trying to force “uptown” and “center city” down our throats over the years).

But I’m not sure the execution of the artwork is there for me. The color palette is interesting. Gold, Silver, white and black are a nice change of pace from the scheme they’ve had since around ’93. I think the name “Kinghts” is awesome. I think throwing back the logo to emulate old traditions is awesome, but I’m not a fan of the execution of any of the logos or wordmarks. Now, I’m not going to slit my wrists or anything, I just find some of the technical aspects of the logos lacking. They seem unrefined, and no disrespect to the folks that created the logo, but I think these are a solid 4 on a 1-10 scale, 10 being the highest. The firm that did them, Brandiose, has done some great work in the past. This Knights stuff though just doesn’t excite me at all.

For example, why do we have the awkward skewing of the logotext? Why is the crown on the “H”? What’s holding the crown up on the “H” and why doesn’t it fall to the ground? And why on the “H”? Why not on the “G”?

And why are we afraid to use darker separating shapes or lines between two colors that are very similar in value and hue? They all tend to blend together in areas, and look like a mess when either the print job isn’t 100% correct (which is hardly ever will be), someone doesn’t have their monitor calibrated correctly, or in grayscale.

One of the logos looks like Homestar Runner on a Jet Ski, while the other looks like someone has stabbed a seamonster. No, I get it, it’s supposed to be a K and a Dragon… but it’s not.

I can live with the C, although I wish they’d have made that swoosh of the C part of the plume of the helmet and not just a weird serrated C.

But what’s done is done, and the Knights seem to have been getting a lot of compliments on it. People won’t care (except for me) what the logo looks like come spring and the Knights are out there taking care of business in downtown Charlotte in their awesome new ballpark.

That’s all that really matters anyway, right?

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