Panthers Offense still better than 2014 Offense, even with Benjamin injury

Even with the loss of kelvin Benjamin, the Panthers are still better off now than they were last year.

1) Healthy Cam Newton

Cam Newton entered the 2014 season nursing an ankle injury. He then sustained a rib injury and played with those injuries most of the season. To top it off, Newton had a scary wreck late in the season that broke some bones in his back. He’s healthy now and has been able to practice all offseason.

2) Ted Ginn is back

Last year the Panthers had to rely on undrafted rookie Corey Brown as their speed guy. Now, there’s an experienced Corey Brown and Ted Ginn available for Newton to throw to. Ginn helps stretch the field and is one of Newton’s favorite deep threat targets — something the Panthers were missing in 2014.

3) Brown and Bersin are another year experienced

Corey Brown and Brenton Bersin both have a season playing with Newton under their belts. They know the routes and know Newton’s tendencies, and Newton knows what to expect from them as well.

4) Devin Funchess is at least Kelvin Benjamin lite

Funchess has potential to be even better than Benjamin is. He’s a tall guy and fast for his size. He will fill in some of the gap left with the Benjamin injury and by season’s end, he could be the best WR on the Panthers’ roster.

  • Man, I couldn’t have been more wrong.

    • Welp, on second thought, I couldn’t have been more right :D

  • Joat1977

    I think the potential is there, just need to tune some things