So, about that Panthers offense post

Look, we all make mistakes.

Mine was seeing that the glass was half full.

In a post several days ago, I wrote that the Panthers offense now was still better than last year.

I’m afraid I’ll have to redact that. It’s full-blown DEFCON 1 now.

With Kelvin Benjamin out for the season, Devin Funchess inability to stay healthy throughout the preseason, Corey Brown being unable to catch, and Jericho Cotchery nursing an injury, how are the Panthers going to move the ball?

The running game has been average — at best — throughout the preseason, and granted, the scheme they are running in the preseason is pretty vanilla, but there hasn’t been anything that made us stand up and say, “This offense is going to score points.”

The Panthers are going to have to find reinforcements somehow, be it through trade or waiver pick up. I expect at least one new WR by week one, and possibly two.

There are real concerns here. They’ve spent a lot of money on Cam Newton, but who is going to catch the ball?