Dave Gettleman | Photo by Gene Ferrell

Panthers name their Final 53, how did we stack up?

If you’ve visited the site at all over the last few weeks, you saw my very boring looking spreadsheet posts trying to break down the Panthers’ Final 53 from the beginning. All things considered, I did a decent job, but frankly, some of these were no brainers, so I’m not patting myself on the back for hitting wide-open layups.

My Final 53

Screen Shot 2015-09-04 at 11.28.20 AM


There weren’t really any shocks to me, other than I thought Adarius Glanton made this team and the Panthers didn’t. Instead, the Panthers only kept Mayo, Jacobs and Klein. I had them keeping Glanton over Jacobs, however Jacobs’ Special Teams contributions were likely the reason he got the nod.

I was mildly surprised that they kept Fozzy Whittaker over Jordan Todman. I thought Todman played extremely well during the four preseason games, whereas Fozzy didn’t; However, Fozzy has familiarity in the system and played well last season. Brandon Wegher is on the roster for now, and could be a long term project. I had Wegher making the team, with them cutting Fozzy and keeping Todman.

As I stated in my last post, WR and CB are in bit of a flux. Brenton Bersin lost his spot, while Corey Brown remains on the roster. For the moment, the Panthers have five WRs on the roster. I had them keeping 6, with Bersin remaining.

The Panthers are pretty thin at Corner for the moment. They will undoubtedly pick up a corner sometime this week. Bene Benwickere is literally the only uninjured cornerback presently on this roster. Both Charles Tillman and Josh Norman are in the concussion protocol, and Teddy Williams suffered a groin injury. I had the Panthers keeping an extra corner, Carrington Byndon, in addition to the other four making the team.

I had the Panthers keeping four Saeties: Boston, Coleman, Harper and Jones. The Panthers kept those four and added UDFA Dean Marlowe as well. Marlowe impressed throughout camp and during the preseason games.

I nearly nailed the entire offensive line correctly, with the exception of them keeping Chris Scott. I thought they’d only keep eight.


The Panthers are precariously thin at Cornerback presently as I eluded to above. They may not even have enough to play the season opener at Jacksonville if Norman and Tillman aren’t cleared to play. They will make at least one move there, however, I’m not sure who is cut to make room. if I had to guess, it would be either Silatolu, Whittaker, Scott or Kyle Love. Those guys aren’t out of the woods yet, as they also need to add another WR too, although there’s more promise with newly acquired Kevin Norwood. Corey Brown looks like the weakest link there to me.

Photo by Gene Ferrell