Panthers Take Over Jacksonville


A win is a win right?
The Panthers, while not perfect, start the 2015 campaign 1-0. In the NFL, all wins are worth celebrating and plenty of Panther fans were celebrating in Jacksonville on September 13th.
The Roaring Riot, the Carolina Panthers fan club, organized a large tailgate with close to 500 Panther fans in attendance. The Roaring Riot has mobilized Panthers fans and it sure showed Sunday in Jacksonville.
The tailgate in Lot X was crowded and energetic. It didn’t matter if you knew the person next to you or not, you were both Panther fans and that made you family. While the Roaring Riot was a large part of the Panther fans in attendance, it seemed as if half of the stadium was cheering for the visitors. A hostile takeover was in effect.


The Panthers organization has a growing fan base and it was as noticeable on Sunday as ever. Over the past 20 years, Panther fans have seen Steelers and Cowboy fans fill Bank of America Stadium. As a new generation of Panther fans emerge, we are taking back our hometown stadium. However, what really shows the growth of the fan base is the black and blue that was on display in Jacksonville.
“LUUUUUUUKE!” rang out as Kuechly made a tackle in the first quarter. In the fourth quarter a giant “LET’S GO PANTHERS!” was noticeable as the Jaguar fans evacuated the stadium. If the number of Panther fans in attendance was less than 15,000, I would be surprised. An incredible feat for the second and third generation of Carolina fans.
EverBank Stadium felt like a neutral site for a football game against two sibling franchises heading in different directions. Let’s hope we continue to see the growth of Panther Nation!


Cue Neal Diamond.