Gettleman goes to Jared

After three weeks of not getting pressure on the quarterback, Carolina Panthers General Manager Dave Gettleman traded a future 6th-round pick to the Chicago Bears for defensive end Jared Allen.

Allen, who the Bears had as an outside 3-4 Linebacker, is one of the NFL’s most prolific sack artists of the last 10 years and has notched 134 sacks through 12 NFL seasons. The Panthers will pay Allen $823,000 this season. Allen has two more years left on his contract at $8.5 million for 2016 and $8 million for 2017 — both non-guaranteed.

Panthers head coach Ron Rivera stated earlier today that DE Charles Johnson would miss a few weeks with a hamstring injury. Even with Johnson, the Panthers’ front seven had a hard time generating any pressure on opposing quarterbacks through the first three games this season. Allen should at the very least provide a seasoned pass-rusher on passing downs.