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What’s next for the Panthers?

Thinking about the season that was, where do the Panthers go next? Here area few things they need to do moving forward:

Cut Charles Johnson

Save 11 million in cap space. Sorry CJ, but price isn’t worth the production anymore.

Let Jared Allen go

Thanks for the help down the stretch, Jared. Enjoy retirement.

Find another top-shelf corner to add to Bene and Norman

The Panthers likely will let Tillman walk, and Robert McClain is not the answer.

Franchise Josh Norman

I suspect they’ll franchise him, draft a replacement, and let Josh walk after the season to save money.

Figure out who is going to be the right tackle

Williams is the logical choice, but is there a better option? Could see one drafted early.

Find a couple WRs

The Panthers need to add another top-shelf wide receiver of the future to go along with Benjamin and Funchess.

Stewart, a cap casualty?

Stewart has a high cap value and could mean some cap savings if they decided to go younger and cheaper here.